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Staging is about neutralizing your home for sale. Making it appeal to the most possible buyers. Large items should be a neutral color and colored accents (artwork, pillows and accessories) add punches of color throughout. There should also be a consistent flow when walking through the house. Overall, the home should appear calm and relaxing!

Staged homes sell an average of 17% higher than un-staged homes and spend an average of more than 85% less time on the market than vacant or un-staged homes (even when they are owner occupied). Home staging maximizes interest and is an excellent marketing tool. Remember, what the first "open house" prospective buyers see are the photos online. If the pictures don't stand out and create interest, they may not even visit your home. 


Most people buy on emotion. We strive to make everyone who enters your home feel as though your home could be their home. The more people who fall in love with your home, the higher the possibility of being sold quickly (and for the best possible price - many times even creating a bidding war and getting multiple offers)!


Your realtor will help you understand the market in your neighborhood. Stephanie will help you come up with a list of recommended updates. In the best case scenario - fresh neutral paint, bathroom and kitchen updates, new carpet and full cleaning will be suggested. Even though these things add up, it is better to spend a few thousand dollars doing light fixtures, cabinet hardware and minimal updates then to have your home sitting on the market (because it "needs work" and ends up costing you valuable money and time)!


Call for a consultation and Stephanie will help you understand how to do small fixes that feel like you have done full renovations!


Staging is the final touch to making your home "market ready" and feel like a model home! Whether you decide to do full staging or partial staging... staging is important, to help buyers understand the size of the rooms. It helps people envision themselves living there. Instead of feeling like they are visiting your home, they will feel like your house is their home!


Full staging usually means you have already moved out and need to furnish most or all of the rooms in your home. Everything from the main level (including living room, dining room, kitchen, sun room, etc.) to bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, playroom and outdoor spaces) may need staging.


Partial staging usually means you are still living in the home or have left some large pieces of furniture (such as sofas, beds, and dining sets, etc). Accessories are key to pull the rooms together - such as artwork, rugs, lamps, bedding, mirrors, accent tables, chairs, pillows, etc. Partial staging may also consist of scaling back to fewer staged rooms to stay within a particular budget (such as main level and master bedroom staging only).

Whatever your resources, the goal is to make every home feel "move in ready" and create an unforgettable memory for potential buyers. Stephanie's mission is to try to keep her clients as close to their budget as possible (without overwhelming them). When spending money, the goal is to make more money and getting the "SOLD" sign up as quickly as possible!

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