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The Dos and Don’ts of Interior Design Trends in 2020

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Where to start your interior design makeover?!

Thinking of a getting a head start on your spring cleaning? Great idea, and while you’re at it take a step back and ask yourself “how nice would it feel to give my home the makeover it deserves?” then take one more step back, take a deep breath and respond “you’re right, we deserve this”. Now that it’s decided, you’ll want to do your fair share of research before you start swinging the sledge hammer and tossing out old items. In fact!, you’ll probably want to keep a few of those older items, according to many sources 2020 is the year that personality and nostalgia will be brought back in to the home.

During this decision process there will be many factors to consider, such as; what rooms need updating and do they need to be remodeled or simply redecorated?, what style are you aiming for? Modern, traditional, a mix of both referred to as Grandmillennial, etc…? Do you like the idea of layering old with new? What colors are you looking to introduce? …and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg, hence why my company, DesignbyStephanieO and I (Stephanie Olszewski an interior designer), exist. Feeling overwhelmed?... don’t worry, I (DesignbyStephanieO) am here to walk you through each step of the way. Just follow these simple steps and we will have your home looking like an interior design studio in no time at all!

Step 1: Hire an interior designer, which you may think is an expensive decision, but let me explain to you why hiring an interior designer like myself is actually smart. According to the experts at Huff Post, “reality, an interior designer will not only save you money, but will also save you hours of frustration and stress -- which undoubtedly is priceless”. Where do they savings come from your may ask?, Interior Designer discounts at retail stores, Re-using furniture, and saving your time.

Step 2: Deciding what in your home needs to be redesigned. Are you looking to re-decorate a few rooms, or does your home need a full makeover. We will have a consultation meetings to discuss all of your needs and desires for your home. I will then give my expert input, letting you know what I feel will be valuable to your home, as well as help you bring your ideas into a cohesive plan.

Step 3: Now for the fun stuff! Choosing the direction you want to take your interior design. Lets have a look at some of 2020’s biggest Do’s and Don’ts interior design trends.


  • Grandmillennial style: a hybrid of modern and traditional.

  • Bold Monochromatics: Choose a bold color and run with it!

  • Layering Old and New: don’t throw away your old stuff just yet!

  • Painting Doors a Dark Color

  • Antique Tapestries

  • Earth Tones

  • Funky and Fun Bathrooms

  • Covering an interior room in a single paint color: yes, that includes molding and shelving

  • Performance Fabrics

  • Black and White: especially tiles

  • Real Plants!

  • European inspired Furniture

  • Spending good money on quality bedding!

  • Rattan Furniture

  • Upholstered walls

  • Eco-inspired Design

  • Terrazzo Flooring

  • Fire pits/bowls

  • Faux marble, in most cases porcelains

  • Classic designs and interiors

  • Round edges


  • Grey!

  • Pale Monochromatics

  • Perfect homes and symmetry

  • Standard white

  • Industrial Era design

  • Traditional tables

  • Cool tones

  • Accent walls

  • Granite

  • Fake Plants

  • Mosaics

  • Subway tiles

  • Separating spaces

  • Concrete

  • Real marble

  • All white kitchen

  • Metal furniture

In other words, the trends for 2020 interior design are looking and feeling a lot more comfortable, which after all is extremely important considering we spend much of our life in our homes! Plus, who actually wants to throw away all their old stuff? It’s something we do because we think we should and because it’s causing clutter, well I agree that the clutter should be handled, but I think having some nostalgia around is the proper way to treat a home. So now that 2020 is upon us, stop throwing stuff away! Give me, DesignbyStephanieO, a call and lets figure out how to give your home the makeover you both deserve, and still keep those nostalgic items on display!

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