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Whether you are getting ready to move or you have already sold your home.... packing and moving has to happen! 


This process can become completely overwhelming! We can help you separate items to move, donate, trash, consign, put in storage, or send to relatives, etc.


Whether you are moving across country or down the street, there are always many items going in different directions. We can make sure everything ends up in one piece at the right destination!


Sometimes you just need help sorting. Sometimes it's getting things removed for trash (or a donation) and sometimes you need help with the actual wrapping and packing of personal items! Of course, the moving company will help you wrap and pack as needed but the sorting can be a problem for a lot of people (especially if you are downsizing). Many times, our clients feel more comfortable working with us throughout the whole process (instead of working with multiple companies). No matter how little or how much, let us know if we can help!

Packing and Storage Services


**Call for Pricing and Scheduling**

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