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Make one call and get everything handled from sorting and packing to moving, outdoor spaces, staging, unpacking, renovations and updates to your new home... etc.!


"As far back as I can remember I have had a love for buildings, moldings, art and interiors."

Stephanie recalls her parents being so supportive in allowing and helping her redesign spaces in their home when she was growing up. Beginning in elementary school, Stephanie's dad taught her how to paint walls (properly), hang light fixtures, learn basic plumbing, and creatively update spaces. By middle school, Stephanie's dad helped her with a mini kitchen renovation (replacing the flooring and counter tops, installing new appliances, painting the cabinets, and hanging additional cabinets). Stephanie also stenciled a design on the walls. She then took up abstract painting and learned how to wallpaper, install chair rails, draperies and shelving.


By the time Stephanie graduated high school, she knew she wanted to design homes for a living. She went to college and majored in architecture with a minor in art history. By her second year in school, she began working at an auto repair shop in Rockville, MD and gave birth to her daughter. She was out of the design and build business for a few years to focus on raising her young child. At this time, she rented a small home. Stephanie was able to utilize her creativity by making small updates to her quaint living quarters. She was able to maximize space in the small kitchen by designing an additional eat in area that included more counter top space and a breakfast bar. She painted and added glass doors to the cabinets which updated the space. When it was time to sell, those updates made the house stand out among other properties for sale...


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